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A QR Code is a square barcode that can be scanned by the built-in camera of mobile phones and tablets. Since it is a free and open technology, anyone can make and use QR Codes for personal and business purposes.

By scanning a QR Code, a mobile user can instantly get data without having to call or text. The data can be a URL (link to online content), text, or someone's contact info.

Now, QR Codes are the most widely used barcodes for mobile phones in the world. Small, medium and large businesses like Google, McDonald's, Coca Cola, Best Buy, as well as individuals, students, parents, teachers, bands, real estate agents, and more have adopted QRickits. They have even appeared on the popular TV series CSI (watch video clip above).

QR Code Marketing, how to use them to drive new business:

  • Display on your website to help mobile users find your office
  • Post on Coupon Promotional Marketing online & printed flyers
  • Use on printed catalogs, brochure, flyers, business cards, signs
  • Use on your packaging, stickers, clothing or temporary tattoos!

QR Codes are used in marketing to bridge offline media and online mobile media. Traditional print and other media formats (i.e. internet, TV or video ads) can be used more effectively by simply displaying a QR Code. In other words, you are no longer limited by your ad space or time. You can turn a tiny print ad or sticker into a mobile video and even a mobile shop.

"QR Code Marketing" can refer to a strategy or specific plan that involves the development and use of QR Codes and mobile content to accomplish certain goals, such as to increase sales or brand awareness, or to support business and customers. QR Codes are simply used to deploy or deliver the mobile content to the mobile phones (and tablets) of intended users. Since the mobile content is the most important and what the user will eventually interact with, "mobile marketing" is probably a better term.

QR Codes are a convenient way to bring people to your mobile website and to easily transmit your info to someone else's mobile phone. Make your own QR Codes here to use with family, friends and for business. There are many ways to use QR Codes. Be creative! Create your own QR Code today with our FREE QR Code Creator tool.


Top QR Code Marketing Tips

How do I get a mobile site or make a mobile coupon?
Call YOW Internet on 0844 272 1702 who can design and make one for you. Most "optimized" mobile sites are just simple web pages containing text, images and links in a plain layout to fit a smaller screen size. Instead of a mobile web site, your QR Code can lead people to a YouTube video, Facebook, Twitter, or blog which you can set up fairly easily.

Did you know that you can have your own mobile site with mobile coupons for free using Google Places?
Call YOW Internet on 0844 272 1702 to find out how to get your business mobile site and mobile coupons.

Did you know that you can easily create your own mobile (and web) shop using YOW Ecommerce?
YOW Ecommerce makes it easy to sell online. Call YOW Internet on 0844 272 1702 to find out more.

Did you know that you can easily get your QR Codes printed on your marketing materials?
YOW Printing makes it easy to get cost effective printing done for your Brochures, Leaftlet, Flyers, Business Cards, Posters, Banners, Packaging, T-Shirts and much more! Call YOW Internet on 0844 272 1702 for a quote.


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How Tesco used QR Codes to increase online shopping

Simple ideas are often the best ideas that work and give results. This You Tube Video example shows you how a subway advertisement that turned a South Korean subway into a supermarket.

Increase online shopping with Life size banners that display supermarket brands with QR codes on each item. Scan the item and get them delivered to your door by the end of the day. The idea was sparked by the need to create more sales without opening more stores.


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