Our WordPress experts will fix your broken WordPress website

Rescue Service Features

WordPress is great, but what happens when you don’t keep it up to date and it goes wrong? Or what happens if your WordPress website been hacked or stopped working? Our WordPress experts will fix your broken WordPress website.


Before any work starts our experts take a full backup of your WordPress website. This means that if the worst happens, we can simply restore your site to a working version within minutes.

Remove Infected Files

Our experts will removal infected and compromised files, plugins, backdoors and security loopholes. Along with obsolete and vulnerable WordPress core files​.

Inactive Removal

Next our expert will carefully removal all inactive, obsolete, and vulnerable WordPress plugins. Along with the removal of all inactive WordPress themes.

Software Updates

Once the site is clean, its time for software updates. We'll make sure your running on the latest version of WordPress core, default themes and WordPress plugins.

Conflict and compatibility

Our experts with lastely check for any conflict and compatibility issues with WordPress plugins and WordPress theme​.

WordFence Security

As soon as your website is cleaned our experts will install the WordFence Security Plugin. This provides Firewall, malware scan, blocking, live traffic, login security and more.

WordPress Rescue Service

WordPress Rescue

£ 50
00 Upfront
  • Full backup of your WordPress website and content​
  • Removal of any infected and compromised files
  • Removal of all compromised plugins, backdoors and security loopholes
  • Removal of all obsolete and vulnerable WordPress core files​
  • Removal of inactive, obsolete, and vulnerable WordPress plugins
  • Removal of inactive WordPress themes
  • Update to the latest WordPress core files
  • Upgrade of all WordPress default themes
  • Update of any outdated WordPress plugins
  • Conflict and compatibility check of your WordPress plugins
  • Conflict and compatibility check of your WordPress theme​

What's wrong with your website?

We need to be able to log in to your web hosting control panel and WordPress website to fix your site. Please make sure you can give us your login details which we will ask for on the next screen before payment can be accepted.

WordPress Rescue Service

Getting hacked is not a nice experience. The end result can be as little as disruptive downtime or as serious as customer data loss or domain blacklisting. Your site functionality may also be affected which could be costing you money. Often hackers will delete your posts and history, that may have taken you years to produce.
The YOW WordPress Rescue Service aims to recover your WordPress site to good standing.  We will thoroughly clean your WordPress website, upgrade all components, remove backdoors and most importantly preserve your data.
We can usually have your WordPress website back to full functionality within 48 hours. If your WordPress website has been hacked, compromised or defaced, the YOW WordPress Rescue Service is just what you need. 
Once we have restored your WordPress website, we’ll give your site a good cleanup and then secure it with the WordFence Security Plugin. This is the most comprehensive WordPress security plugin that provides Firewall, malware scan, blocking, live traffic, login security and much more.

Prevention is better than cure. In addition to our WordPress Rescue Service we also offer WordPress Care Plans for a low monthly fee. Prevention means stopping problems from arising in the first place; focusing on keeping your WordPress website healthy, not just treating it when after it has hacked or infected.

Your Website

Your website is one of the most important tool you have. And can be vital for the success of your business. As a result, you need the peace of mind that your website is online, being monitored and secure.

Protecting Your Website

All websites are vulnerable and therefore needs updating on a regular basis to help minimise the risk. An out of date website is an easy target for hackers. As are result protecting your website crucial.

Updates & Back Up

Keeping your website updated, backed up and secure can be a time consuming and tedious task. We take the worry away by managing this for you.

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